A world without envy.

The sun is glistening on the crystal clear water which rolls into shore, wave after wave……. Each tiny droplet of water is complete and together they make up the immense vastness of the ocean. images (3)Two children are wandering along the shore, a little girl is who appears to be about 8 years of age and her little brother, a toddler of about 3 years old. As they get nearer, the girl says to her brother, ‘Jake, who do you love the most me, Mummy or Sammy?’ To which the little boy replies ‘ummm I wuv you all’. The little girl then says ‘yes, but who do you love the best?’ The little boy just stops and looks up at his sister’s face with the most innocent eyes. With a big gooey grin and making circles with his tiny hands he joyfully says ‘ I wuv everwybody’ and toddles forward to pick up a white feather that has just landed on the sand near their feet.

Somewhere, somehow, love had become a competition for the little girl, she was lost in a journey with envy… The little boy had not yet lost his innocence.

During childhood we are taught how to compete, we were not born with any concept of it. Competition has its roots in envy which comes from a desire to be somebody other than who we are. From the moment we first feel any sense of rejection, our journey with envy begins, because we feel we are not good enough to be loved just the way we are.

As children we are immersed in the belief that there are winners and losers, success and failure. We grow up learning to compare our worthiness against other people. We learn to compete psychologically within ourselves and with others, judging ourselves and others based on the beliefs we create. We get lost in an endless cycle of striving to be ‘loved’. We have been searching for this love externally trying to grasp at something that keeps eluding us. What would happen if we looked within ourselves for the love we seek?

Imagine a world without competition, comparison and  envy. We cannot end these things in others, they have to do that, but we can end them within ourselves. Can we share our lives together without our thoughts, words or actions being driven by envy? Awareness is the key! In every moment we can become aware of what we think, say and do and ask ourselves what is driving us. Once seen we can use the understanding to empower us to live beyond the dictates of the conditioned mind.

The relief, peace and sense of unity felt when we realise there is a different way of being is what we are yearning for.