There simply is no choice when we truly listen within.choices-1

I was shopping for a camera once and still remember what happened so clearly, as I learnt a valuable lesson. Standing in front of a cabinet full of cameras, and knowing nothing about them, I had a very strong feeling to buy a certain one. I had no idea why, just a feeling, as this camera shined out at me. It was so clear!!

Then the usual craziness began… There was another camera around the same price and the sales assistant was totally excited about it, and all the functions it was capable of, that before I knew it I was swept up in his excitement and guess what I did? I bought the one he recommended instead of following my initial ‘knowing’! I ‘knew’ and I did it anyway…. WHY? Needless to say the camera I bought has been a ‘dud’. I can laugh about it now because every time I look at it is a reminder to listen to my intuition! 😀

Choice – what is it? It is present when we ‘way up the pro’s and con’s’ of doing something with the conditioned mind. This conditioned mind bases its decisions on the past and listens to an external ‘authority’ on what is best for us.

In reality there simply is no choice. Listen to that feeling within and act in that moment.

I had the feeling and I went against it. I ‘knew’ in that moment which camera to get, there was no choice, something inside me already knew but my mind got caught in choice.

Save time and hassle…  feel, listen and act in the moment! x