ConnectionHave you ever met someone for the first time and felt an immediate connection to them?

Before you even speak to each other you already know them?

In that moment you are them and they are you, and you understand each other deeply…

There is no separation.

Then the routine of ‘getting to know you’ begins.

The mind with all of its past and its judgement creeps in. You are unable to interact with them from the feeling within you as you have started to relate to an image based on your likes and dislikes. Are you going to decide you ‘like’ this person or not? Your opinions are far from the truth, you no longer ‘see’ them and are no longer interacting with a deep connection but relating to projected images.

So, do we fill our days with connections based on fear (judgements of the egoic mind) or do we connect at a deeper level? Truth has no past, no beliefs, no judgement, and no opinion in it…. If we truly drop all belief, in every moment, can we see the truth in ourselves and others?