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Every illness in the body starts from an emotion that has been suppressed. The key to becoming whole is in clearing those suppressed emotions from the organs and energy bodies and undergoing Healing.

It is difficult to describe in words exactly what healing is. There is an energy involved that is not easily explicable. Healing occurs in a space in which non-love cannot reside. The ability to observe without judgement, listen without thinking and be self aware, enables a healer to be in this space. ..read more here

Golden Wings Chi Gong

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Golden Wings Chi Gong is a unique and gentle form of exercise developed after many years of training in the martial arts by Spiritual Teacher, Mike Robinson. The practice of Chi Gong opens up a greater awareness and understanding of the movement of chi (energy) in your body.

The exercises are designed to expel old stagnant chi and replace it with new, leaving you feeling energized and peaceful. They increase flexibility and strength and promote health and well-being physically, mentally and spiritually. ..read more here

Feng Shui Gong

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Feng Shui Gong is an ancient Chinese art. It is based on the principle that our environment is an extension of our energy field. As we change and develop, so we change and develop our surroundings. In this way it is possible to make changes to our surroundings, be it home or workplace, to encourage change within various aspects of our lives. Our career, health and relationships are all affected.

Feng Shui means Wind and Water and Gong in this instance means Light. ..read more here

Katie Webber

B.Sc, Dip Ed, Cert Advanced Healing
• Golden Wings Dynamic Healing
• Readings
• Chi Massage
• Power Point Healing
• Golden Wings Chi Gong
• Personal Development Workshops
• Counselling

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A life lived in fear, is a life half lived.
A life without awareness, is a life half lived.
Awareness without action is half a life.
A life without Love is no life at all.
Mike Robinson

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