Bioenergetics Health Scan

Bioenergetic Health Scan

Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems.

The human body-field acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity. When this field is underpowered or distorted, it’s unable to run the body in an optimal way and the body’s cells and systems may begin to fail.

Symptoms often begin with simply feeling tired, but they can continue into just about any known health problem.

When we improve the function of the body-field, and we combine this with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the body’s incredible healing system can take over and begin restoring the body to health.

A Bioenergetic Health Scan enables us to detect and correct the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity and ultimately your state of health!

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By evaluating and restoring the body’s energy and communication systems, we enhance its natural healing capabilities and promote long-lasting well-being.

Take a proactive approach to your health and schedule a follow-up bioenergetics health scan with our highly skilled bioenergetics practitioner, Dr. Katie Webber. Empower yourself in your healing journey and optimize your overall health!

Dr. Katie provides Bioenergetic Health Scans as part of Universal Consciousness Education. Click here for more information and to discover the transformative potential of these scans.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Well-being?

  • Do you wake up feeling more exhausted than when you went to bed?
  • Do you experience persistent symptoms that traditional treatments can’t seem to resolve?
  • Are you tired of relying on medications and supplements that provide temporary relief but don’t address the root cause?
  • Is your overall health seemingly fine, yet you can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right?
  • Do you feel stressed and yearn for physical support?
  • Are you eager to regain vitality and optimal wellness?

If you’re seeking a solution for your ailments, diseases, and general feelings of fatigue, or if you’re proactively preparing for potential health issues in the future, then our comprehensive scan is tailored for you!

Our Approach:

  • We employ cutting-edge scanning technology to generate a holistic wellness report within seconds.
  • The Bioenergetic Health Scan uncovers any underlying imbalances in your body’s energy field.
  • It provides a comprehensive view of your entire system, including the communication between your mind, emotions, energy, and organs.
  • Despite its speedy completion, the scan reveals an incredible amount of valuable information.
  • Once your energy flow is analyzed, we can offer precise liquid remedies to support and optimize your entire system.
  • These remedies, known as infoceuticals, consist of specially programmed frequencies designed to harmonize your energy, mind, and body.

In a Nutshell:

  • A Bioenergetic Health Scan allows us to identify and rectify imbalances in the human body-field, which acts as a control system for your physical well-being and overall health!

How Does It Work?

  • Upon booking your health scan, you have the convenience of performing it from the comfort of your own home using voice scan technology or a scanner which we will provide.
  • The results of your scan are easily accessible online.
  • We will then schedule a personal consultation to discuss your scan results with you.
  • Following the consultation, the recommended infoceuticals can be shipped directly to your home.
  • These infoceuticals enhance the energy levels and information flow within your body-field, facilitating proper communication.
  • Made with ozonated spring water and trace amounts of minerals from sea salt, these remedies are imprinted with proprietary information that corrects the human body-field.

These remedies have transformed the lives of countless individuals worldwide, and their administration is as simple as adding a specified number of drops to your drinking water.

Quantum Counselling

Quantum Counselling

Katie uses unique counselling tools to enable her clients to uproot memories that are negative and limiting, releasing the pain held in these memories.

This enables her clients to move into better fields of experience as she guides them out of non-beneficial wavelengths of thought.


Dynamic Healing

Every illness in the body starts from an emotion that has been suppressed. The key to becoming whole is in clearing those suppressed emotions from the organs and energy bodies and undergoing Dynamic Healing.

It is difficult to describe in words exactly what dynamic healing is. There is an energy involved that is not easily explicable. Healing occurs in a space in which non-love cannot reside. The ability to observe without judgement, listen without thinking and be self aware, enables a healer to be in this space.

As a healer you listen and observe with the heart and not just with the mind, this exposes the truth of the situation for whoever they are caring for. Healing occurs as the suppressed energy that caused a blockage within the body is released and comes to the surface to be cleared. A healer transmutes that energy intuitively.

‘Healer heal thyself’ is essential in the journey to becoming a healer, as to understand someone else you must first truly understand and clear yourself. Katie has a passion for the truth, and has delved deeply into her own inner journey. It is that passion that has driven her to find a solution to human suffering and the inner cry.

Katie has dedication and compassion for helping others and her gentle grace has led others to seek her out. You cannot walk away unaffected by the truth and peace you are surrounded by when in her presence whether it be during a consultation or a workshop. Deep healing occurs with honesty and love as the guide.

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Golden Wings Chi Gong

Golden Wings Chi Gong

Golden Wings Chi Gong is a unique and gentle form of exercise developed after many years of training in the martial arts by Spiritual Teacher, Mike Robinson. The practice of Chi Gong opens up a greater awareness and understanding of the movement of chi (energy) in your body.

The exercises are designed to expel old stagnant chi and replace it with new, leaving you feeling energized and peaceful. They increase flexibility and strength and promote health and well-being physically, mentally and spiritually. Chi Gong literally means life energy and is a practice of aligning breath, movement and awareness.

There are specific exercises focusing on the major organs of the body e.g. liver, heart, lungs, spleen and kidneys. These exercises promote healing at a deep level.

Golden Wings Chi Gong is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

Katie teaches Chi Gong classes on the Sunshine Coast. To make an enquiry please use the contact form.

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