Feng Shui Gong is an ancient Chinese art. It is based on the principle that our environment is an extension of our energy field. As we change and develop, so we change and develop our surroundings. In this way it is possible to make changes to our surroundings, be it home or workplace, to encourage change within various aspects of our lives. Our career, health and relationships are all affected.

Feng Shui means Wind and Water and Gong in this instance means Light. Feng Shui Gong is a more intuitive system copared to other systems of Feng Shui. The main aim of Feng Shui Gong is to cultivate Chi. The skill comes in pooling together positive Chi and deflecting negative Chi.

Feng Shui Gong is designed to clear your physical space or home. This allows a clearing of your inner world as one is a reflection of the other. It is a unique Feng Shui that delves deeply into unseen energies.

Katie is a Feng Shui Gong Consultant. She is available by appointment to come to your home or workplace. Enquire here


Feng Shui Gong