Reactions in Relationships

17 May 2016  

Reactions in Relationships:
This is a little conversation I saw recently which was such a perfect example of what we do and are here to resolve:

‘I couldn’t hear you, please say it again’8d38b490d91ac213f1e5e047289a256f

‘You weren’t listening
I can’t be bothered now

You won’t listen anyway
It’s not important
You make me angry
Now I forget what I wanted to say…..’


If Penny can allow a moment to understand her reaction it could change everything. more here

Letting Go…

10 Apr 2016  

Letting God1af1d6e9b5fd48d817540c2c819c518

Letting go… this is a phrase that is thrown around all the time but what does it actually mean to ‘let go’?  Many people say it but do they really do it? What is it that we really need to let go of and how do we let go so that it’s not just a mental act but a deeper change within us?

There is ‘pretend letting go’ which involves a swing in the mind from a thought of ‘I care’ to ‘I don’t care’. more here

A World Without Envy

5 Apr 2016  

A world without envy.

The sun is glistening on the crystal clear water which rolls into shore, wave after wave……. Each tiny droplet of water is complete and together they make up the immense vastness of the ocean. images (3)Two children are wandering along the shore, a little girl is who appears to be about 8 years of age and her little brother, a toddler of about 3 years old. As they get nearer, the girl says to her brother, ‘Jake, who do you love the most me, Mummy or Sammy?’ more here

The Ripple Effect images (23)

We are energy. Everything we think, say and do moves out from us like a ripple. If we are thinking, speaking or acting from fear based beliefs, that ripple will be distorted. The chaos inside us is therefore projected into the the universe which then sends us back more of the energy we send out.
We build a relationship with fear and it is confirmed over and over again in repeat situations in life until we resolve it. more here

Dealing with Changes – The Little Fish Story

Life ebbed and flowed for a little fish named Philip as he swam happily down sparkling streams and great rivers. He shared truth and joy with all he met along the way. Sometimes the flow of water took him through beautiful fields, abundant with pretty flowers, or rain forests with their high, majestic green canopy and cool clear waters. He wondered at the beauty of it all…

There were bends and twists and sometimes it was bumpy as the pace picked up and hurtled him through rocky falls. more here

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A life lived in fear, is a life half lived.
A life without awareness, is a life half lived.
Awareness without action is half a life.
A life without Love is no life at all.
Mike Robinson

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