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Letting go… this is a phrase that is thrown around all the time but what does it actually mean to ‘let go’?  Many people say it but do they really do it? What is it that we really need to let go of and how do we let go so that it’s not just a mental act but a deeper change within us?

There is ‘pretend letting go’ which involves a swing in the mind from a thought of ‘I care’ to ‘I don’t care’. The issue here is that the unresolved feeling is still there!  Though avoidance can keep it at bay for a while, once triggered by another situation it will rise up and cause the mind to swing back again like a pendulum.

To truly let go requires a deeper awareness of ourselves and what drives our reactions. The key is to catch the feeling of resistance to the way things are. This resistance can often be felt as a nervousness or tension in the body. By bringing our awareness within ourselves in every moment and observing without judgement we can ask ourselves what the core fear behind our resistance is. Once seen and felt the letting go is done with our whole being (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).

We are so lost in trying to control people and situations according to beliefs we created in the past in order to keep us safe. We have lost touch with what the heart is guiding us to do. The belief did not keep us safe and we have recreated the scenario to have another go at understanding and resolving this core feeling.  Can we bring our awareness within, observe without judgement and surrender to the unknown. Can we truly let go and be free of past belief, allowing the heart to guide us in every moment?