31486_10200451083973640_22356314_nDeep inside us, we are yearning for peace. People everywhere are searching, however as they grasp at answers outside themselves they become further lost in belief. Many chose to avoid, ridicule and judge the real inner journey as they are resistant to take the action to change. They just want someone, something to make them feel better and thus they continue to add to the chaos.

There are few people in this world who have a deep enough passion for the truth that they are willing to look at the truth inside themselves. It takes strength of heart to go on this inner journey and see our own beliefs and conditioning. It takes absolute diligence to become aware of our thoughts, words and actions in every moment and uncover the fear beneath our reactions. The anger, judgement, and violence in this world are also in us. Truly seeing it can be very confronting and release old, suppressed emotion to be felt and cleared.

It takes a special person to drop all their images, become vulnerable and act on the inner voice no matter where that may lead – we fear the insecurity, the unknown and keep ourselves trapped and small, blocking intelligence.

I feel blessed to share this journey with such amazing people; you are very special. We are not what we have become, we are so much more. Peeling back the layers of belief uncovers that inner core which radiates peace and love into a world that desperately needs it.