Reactions in Relationships:
This is a little conversation I saw recently which was such a perfect example of what we do and are here to resolve:

‘I couldn’t hear you, please say it again’8d38b490d91ac213f1e5e047289a256f

‘You weren’t listening
I can’t be bothered now

You won’t listen anyway
It’s not important
You make me angry
Now I forget what I wanted to say…..’


If Penny can allow a moment to understand her reaction it could change everything. Uncovering the real pain…

‘No-one ever listens to me
I am not heard
I’ve always been told I have nothing of value to contribute
No-one sees me
No-one understands me
I feel so small
I am not worthy’

Do you bring the past into the moment?

Observe your reactions. What are they telling you?

Feel it, talk about it… heal it at the root or continue the same pattern that repeats itself over and over until you do.

Stay in the suffering? There really is no choice…