self discoveryIf I pretend to myself, that I have no judgement, no anger, no violence, that I am all warm and fuzzy and keep things nice, then I will be ok? If I ignore the chaos I feel, then it will go away?

We could use our homes as an example of how it works…. when we shove everything into cupboards or simply let the chaos/mess build up, what are we really doing? Often we pretend we are ok with it, that it doesn’t matter, but deep down it is making us feel uncomfortable? Overwhelmed?

If we suppress our feelings by pretending we are ok, by not saying even to ourselves how we feel, we are not being honest with ourselves and in doing so, we are not honest with anyone else. What if we actually allowed ourselves to feel? What if we stopped the pretence?

What if we dropped the belief that the chaos is somewhere out there and doesn’t apply to us? What if we stopped every time we made a judgement, felt angry, felt sad etc and looked more deeply at ourselves to find the fear underneath it all?

Our emotions are energy in motion and if they are not allowed to be felt in the moment and released then they are stored in every cell of our body. That doesn’t mean you project your anger onto the next person but that you STOP, you feel it and you ask yourself what is driving it. Then allow the truth to come out. The situation is just the trigger, the anger is already inside you so what is it really all about?

In that self discovery, you are emptying your cells and ‘ cleaning up the chaos’. This creates a space where peace can reside … isn’t that what we truly yearn for? How many of us are willing to admit we have not looked deeply enough at ourselves to see what we are really afraid of?