110-1072_IMGEvery day I wander down the track at the back of our house and over the dunes onto the beach for a walk and a swim. It is usually quite deserted, however a few people do come past on their morning or evening walks, leaving footprints in the sand. There are always telltale paw prints too, where a dog has chased a seagull and run back to his owner bouncing joyfully in the excitement and freedom of being at the beach.  While I am there, our resident sea eagle often glides above me and the sand and water are always buzzing with activity. Little white crabs busily scurry sideways in and out of their holes, schools of fish dart through the shimmering waves and seagulls rest on the shore.
Today as I emerged from the canopy of the track, onto the beach, everything looked different. The wind was whipping up the sand and had created the most surreal landscape. I felt like I had just landed on another planet. There was not a footprint in sight, not a crab-hole or the pattern created by their scurrying. Not even a shell could be seen. A veil of sand was constantly being swept over the surface by the winds blowing over the top of the dunes. The sand had become a completely blank canvas.
I stood mesmerised for a moment; it was like nothing had ever been there. After a little while I started to walk, with the wind, along the beach. As I turned around to look behind me, my footprints were being erased as quickly as I could walk. As though the moment before had never existed…  immense silence,  so untouched, whole, and expanding, as it always has been and always will be….