Universal Flow

Universal flow works at its own pace. Listening and acting on our inner voice in every moment allows us to be in the flow instead of struggling and resisting….love has its own course…images (13)

This is a little analogy about Catching the Train 🙂

Often we know that a change is coming. We know for instance that we need to change jobs, house, a relationship etc. Now our mind will come in and either resist that change, or strive to achieve it and this is what causes suffering. If we stay still and act when we get a strong feeling to act, the change will occur more smoothly.

It is like we are at a train station and we see the train coming:

Sometimes we get over excited as our mind runs away with all the exciting possibilities for the future. This moves us away from listening to our inner voice, which will tell us the exact moment to board that train, and instead we jump in front of it!!! Then we wonder why we get run over…

Other times we get scared, as the mind runs away with all the scenarios where we failed in the past. The train pulls into the station, the doors open up and we watch them close again, then try to jump on board!!! We wonder why we missed it …..

Understanding the mind and catching it as it runs from past to future, leaves a space where we can be still and quiet, listen to intelligence and act when the doors are open.