Dr Katie Webber

Katie is an established international Dynamic Healer, Life Counsellor and Bioenergetics Practitioner. For many years, she has been successfully helping thousands of clients and students to move forward in life.

Katie’s passion is to guide people to understand the root cause of their suffering, so they can release it, and be empowered to live the life of happiness they truly deserve. This passion was sparked because of her own experience with illness, which led her on a quest to find a way to treat the cause of the disease, instead of just relieving the symptoms.

Her ability to listen & observe without judgement enables her to see and feel emotional and energetic blockages. These blockages not only affect a person’s ability to move forward & enjoy life, but often manifest in the physical body, causing ill health & pain. By releasing these blockages, Katie leads her clients on a journey to health & happiness.

Katie Webber

Katie has a Doctorate in Quantum Counselling, Bachelor of Science Degree and a Diploma in Education. She is also a fully qualified Bioenergetics Practitioner.

After completing a double major in Biochemistry and Physiology at the Queensland University, she trained extensively with world renowned international spiritual teachers and healers, Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose. She then went on to complete her Doctorate in Quantum Counselling and learnt a unique and powerful combination of healing and counselling techniques, which she incorporates into her work with profound results.

Katie’s training opened up her natural clairvoyant ability. She connects with your Soul, revealing the truth of a situation and leading to deep healing and freedom.

‘Katie’s understanding is vast! She is where science and spiritual healing meet and that is unique!’ (JD Qld)

“I am passionate about what I do. Many people have a deep yearning to ‘know’ themselves and to understand life.
My joy is to witness their joy, when they are empowered to feel and be who they really are, instead of feeling trapped in who they had become.
Disease, pain or suffering in any area of life are asking us to look deeper. There is so much more to us than our physical body. We get caught in a system which throws money at a quick fix band aid solution. It is time to go within, to see the big picture and have a holistic approach to health and the way we live our lives.”

Katie Webber is available for consultations via zoom or at her practice on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She also facilitates workshops internationally, guiding people on a path of self discovery and deep healing.

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