Dynamic Healing


It is difficult to describe in words exactly what dynamic healing is. There is an energy involved that is not easily explicable. Healing occurs in a space in which non-love cannot reside. The ability to observe without judgement, listen without thinking and be self aware, enables Katie to be in this space exposing the truth of the situation for whoever she is caring for. Healing occurs as the suppressed energy that caused a blockage within the mind and body is released and comes to the surface to be cleared. Katie transforms that energy intuitively.

‘Healer heal thyself’ is essential in the journey to becoming a healer, as to understand someone else you must first truly understand and clear yourself. Katie has a passion for the truth, and has delved deeply into her own inner journey. It is that passion that has driven her to find a solution to human suffering and the inner cry.

Katie has dedication for helping others and her compassion and gentle grace has led many to seek her out. Whether it be during a consultation or a workshop, you cannot walk away unaffected by the deep Love (Truth) you are surrounded by in her presence. Deep healing occurs with honesty and love as the guide.

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