Personal Development

Katie hosts regular workshops covering a broad range of personal development subjects.

Katie is an international personal development facilitator. Her natural ability to listen and observe herself and the life around her, without judgement, has enabled deep self realisations and driven a passion to help others find inner peace.

Katie conducts self development workshops which bring balance to every area of life. Participants are guided and supported in a deep inner journey uncovering the fear, beliefs and conditioning that have kept them trapped. Katie empowers participants with tools in order to apply what they discover in their everyday life and enter into the flow of intelligence beyond the limitations of the mind.

Katie has been a personal development guide and teacher for 30 years. Her passion is to guide people on the inner journey, to find the truth that will set them free. Her love and passion for helping people infuses her workshops with such a dynamic, gentle, and supportive place to share, that their lives are touched indescribably forever.

Katie runs workshops internationally either in person or via webinar.

When we observe the mind and see clearly how it runs from pain to pleasure, replaying the past and creating future scenarios. We gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Deep inside us, we are yearning for peace. People everywhere are searching, as they have that longing ache for the truth. However as they grasp at answers outside themselves they become further lost in belief.

There are few people in this world who have a deep enough passion for the truth that they are willing to look inside themselves. They just want someone, something to make them feel better and thus continue to add to the chaos..”

Personal Development Workshops focus on the inner workings of the mind

Subjects include:

  • Conditioning and beliefs
  • Emotions – fear, apathy, jealousy, anger, sadness, grief, happiness, joy, loneliness
  • Life relationships
  • Judgements
  • Reactions – control, rejection, pleasing others
  • Communication
  • Discernment/truth
  • Becoming Whole
  • Parenting
  • Health and healing
  • Self Care
  • The Effects of Energy
  • Karma or Calmer
  • Cutting through the Chaos
  • The Inner Voice
  • Abundance
  • Emotional healing
  • Habits and Addictions

“It takes strength of heart to see our own beliefs and conditioning. It takes absolute diligence to become aware of our thoughts, words and actions in every moment and uncover the fear beneath our reactions. The anger, judgement, and violence in this world are also in us. Truly seeing it can be very confronting. Many chose to avoid, ridicule and judge the inner journey as they are resistant to change. It takes a very special person to throw themselves into the vulnerability that dropping all of their images brings.

We are not what we have become, we are so much more. Peeling back the layers of belief uncovers that inner core which radiates peace and love into a world that desperately needs it.”