About Dr Katie Webber

Quantum Counsellor, Dynamic Healer and Bioenergetics Practitioner, Personal Development Workshops

Katie is a Quantum Counsellor, Dynamic Healer and Bioenergetics Health Practitioner.

Katie completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in physiology and biochemistry at the University of Queensland, gaining an in depth understanding of the structure and function of the physical body. She suffered from severe asthma throughout her life and was dependent on medication, including frequent use oral cortisone and antibiotics. In a vicious cycle of illness and medication, and feeling upset & frustrated with the side effects being caused by the medication, Katie decided to follow a different path which led to her discovering and healing the cause of the disease.

Have you ever wondered why we are in pain, why we suffer from illness, what needs to be healed or what it means to heal?

From the moment we are born we are conditioned not to trust our innate feelings and this begins our relationship with fear. As fear enters our being, we begin to inhibit the flow of energy through us. This causes a build up of stagnant energy leading to illness, pain and suffering.

To heal, we need to release the energy we stored because of our mind’s reaction to life. We cannot continue to seek ‘quick fix’ band-aid solutions to our suffering thus avoiding the root of the problem. Uproot the cause and the effect is healed, we just need the tools to know how and the passion for resolving what lies within.

Over the past 20 years, through a journey of deep self discovery and healing, Katie has completely healed her own asthma and now helps others heal deeply too. Whether it be presenting as a lack of health, wealth or happiness, Katie gives people tools with which to understand themselves more deeply, heal and move forward in life.

“When we uncover the truth of ourselves behind our thoughts and reactions we shed layers of beliefs. Under those beliefs lies a core, which once unencumbered radiates truth, love and joy into the world. This awareness is an inner journey where we bring the unconscious into the conscious and truly heal deeply.
‘Positive thinking’ or any form of suppressing ‘what is’, is simply denial which only allows the pain, fear and emotion to stay hidden and puts a heavy blanket over love. This creates a walking bomb ready to explode once prodded and leads to illness.
There is a big difference between love which radiates from within and ‘love’ which is done purely from the intent of the mind. One is truth the other is not.”

Katie offers one on one consults in person or via zoom. She also runs personal development workshops internationally. Get in touch now.