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My life changed irreversibly in November 2011, after attending ‘Kick in the Pants‘  Healing Workshop. This amazing, intensive, caring, compassionate experience helped me face many of the fears that had been holding me back from actually living. Not just living, but living joyously, accepting myself for who I am, how absolutely and utterly worth it I am!!! I had been holding on to past hurts, past traumas and disappointments and allowing them to rule my world.

Katie is the most amazingly intuitive angel of a woman, who will put you at ease immediately, always knows what to say, when to say it and opens your heart with the love that exudes from her. I truly cannot recommend ‘Kick in the Pants’ to you enough.. you WILL become the real you, let go of your past, and learn to live life in every moment and love life in every moment… it will set you free, as it has done for me.. I can truly say I love Katie and will be eternally grateful to her for changing my life.’    LK


‘I get goose bumps, as I reflect on the journey we all took that first day we walked into the room…actually the journey first began when we decided to do the course.

What a beautiful, caring, sharing and loving environment we were welcomed into. It allowed us to unburden our souls and to get some clarity in our lives. THANK YOU so much Katie for your kind, gentle words and healing touch, and for guiding us with love, to an understanding of ourselves and of others.

‘I would sincerely recommend these healing workshops to anyone who is seeking clarity in their lives or to simply become a more sincere fellow human being. Don’t hesitate… the  healing workshops are for you… you have been made aware of it for a very good reason…’

I did ‘Life Relationships – Kick in the Pants’ over the weekend. It’s fantastic and everyone owes it to themselves to do it. WW

My life will never be the same again after doing ‘A Kick in the Pants’. Thank you so very much Katie!  J. Slade

‘My life has turned from pain to joy…. because of you…’ L. F.

Life Relationships – A Kick in the Pants” is the best thing I have ever given myself. Katie is amazing !  VJ

I have had shoulder/neck pain for some seven years. An Occupational Therapist corrected my sitting position at the computer and advised a change of bed and pillow, two different Physiotherapists did work with machines and manipulation. I have also had Bowen Therapy and Emmett Treatments. I have finally found relief with the work of Katie Webber – it is great to feel normal again.. D. Bimrose

I went to see Katie Webber at a difficult and stressful time in my life. I was struggling to make decisions to improve my situation. Katie helped me to release the fear that was holding me back. I made decisions and changes to my life, which greatly improved it. I now feel happier, and enjoy life a lot more. If I have any feelings of fear or uncertainty I now go straight to Katie knowing she will be able to help me. I would recommend Katie to anyone, she is wonderful.  T. Teske – McCarthy

My little girl was suffering from eczema over her arms, tummy and back. After treating it with various creams and exploring dietary triggers, nothing seemed to relieve the constant rash. Doctors recommended we use Cortisone cream which appeared to subdue it however when we stopped the rash would be back. We did not want to use Cortisone for any longer & went to see Katie. After one treatment with her, our daughter’s rash diminished to nothing within 3 days. A few months later a slight rash appeared so we went to Katie again and are ecstatic to say she has not had any signs of eczema for a year now. Thank you Katie. H. Bisbas

Please feel free to get in touch with your own testimonial or thoughts regarding Katie’s spiritual healing or one of her Personal Development Workshops.

Katie Webber

B.Sc, Dip Ed, Cert Advanced Healing
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A life lived in fear, is a life half lived.
A life without awareness, is a life half lived.
Awareness without action is half a life.
A life without Love is no life at all.
Mike Robinson

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