Katie Webber Membership


Membership gives you access to: Online Membership Support – Conscious Life Group, Monthly webinar workshops and membership of Katie’s private facebook page.

The next membership year is starting on the 1st of April 2024 and ending on the 31st March 2025.

When your application has been received  and your payment  processed you will receive a confirmation email and invitation into the facebook group page.


Online Membership Support – Conscious Life Group

Katie offers an invaluable chance to become an online member of her ‘Conscious Life’ Group. Members have full access to monthly webinar workshops, documents and recordings as well as a  private group facebook page providing daily support year round. Please read below for details:

Monthly webinar workshops for members

These workshops are designed to focus on the growth of the inner self. The topic for the month is posted on the private facebook group page, at the beginning of each month. This enables member’s time to observe themselves and make discoveries, in the lead up to the end of month webinar.

During the 1 hour webinar workshop at the end of each month, Katie shares her insights and members are able to ask question and share realisations. You will gain a deep understanding of every level of your being – Soul, Mind and Body. A different topic is covered each month including subjects in the areas of health, relationships, wealth and happiness. We discover what is and what is not working and bring an awareness to the conditioned beliefs that cause repeat patterns in life. You will gain deeply healing exercises enabling you to end these patterns and be free to live life fully.

This format  provides the ongoing support and connection which is so needed on the inner journey and as we go about our daily lives. Connecting with each other monthly is invaluable, as we look at any issues that come up and discover solutions.

The workshops are recorded and members are able to download the recording to listen again if they would like to, or if they can’t make it at the scheduled time.

Group Facebook Page

This is a private page that only ‘A Conscious Life’ group members can access. Katie posts topics and self discovery tasks at the beginning of each month, which is then discussed during the month.  This enables a place to share the journey on a daily basis with other members and provides a supportive place to ask questions between the monthly webinar workshops.

A full year’s membership will cost $649.00

This is a fraction of the regular workshop price and you don’t need to organise babysitting, accommodation, travel etc, you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Technology has enabled a way to share this with less expense and we can connect with people all over the world!!

The workshop recordings are posted on the facebook group page, after each workshop. No matter when you join, you will pay the full membership fee and have access to all the information and recordings going back to April.

Membership can offer you support and communication through the year and you can be part of a network which helps you deal with everyday life while delving into self discovery, enabling personal growth. This will help your life to flow, uncovering who you really are  – unhindered by fear based beliefs and conditioning.

From Katie: “I am very much looking forward to sharing this year’s inner journey together. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to connect”