Quantum Counselling

Quantum Counselling

Katie uses unique counselling tools to enable her clients to uproot memories that are negative and limiting, releasing the pain held in these memories.

This enables her clients to move into better fields of experience as she guides them out of non-beneficial wavelengths of thought.

  • Are you in lack and suffering and feeling stuck?
  • Are you looking for the most powerful way to transform your life?
  • Whether it be lack of health, happiness or wealth, do you want solutions to the pain?
  • Are you looking for self-growth to gain insights into who you are beyond all the limiting beliefs you have?

Katie has the ability to listen to your Soul’s voice with genuineness, honesty and warmth. Using unique counselling techniques, she helps you discover profound information which will empower you to:

  • deepen your understanding of yourself and life
  • bring about a deep understanding of trauma and how the mind is unconsciously affected today
  • uproot memories that are negative and limiting, releasing the pain held in these memories
  • eliminate old habits and patterns
  • bring about real change in all areas of life including health, wealth, relationships and creativity

Katie provides a safe and confidential environment where clients can openly express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Her passion is to help clients gain insights and make positive changes in their lives.

She works with clients with concerns in a vast range of areas including health issues, anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, grief and loss, self-love, career challenges, addiction, trauma, and personal growth. She has a holistic approach and a deep understanding of how to resolve issues on every level of your being – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Katie will take you on an in-depth journey, gaining insights into your inner world and empowering you to experience the truth of who you really are, beyond any limiting beliefs. You will create a shift in your day to day experiences, as you are guided out of non-beneficial patterns, to transform your life on every level. If you are yearning to know yourself, Katie can give you a dynamic understanding of the mind, life and the way it works.

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